International Award-Winning Maryland Based Choir, Takoma Academy Joins National Nonprofit U.S. Dream Academy for a Special Concert in San Bernardino, CA

The Empowering Students Through Song – U.S. Dream Academy and Takoma Academy Partner to Host Special Concert in San Bernardino, CA

The event will take place  Saturday, March 11, 2023 at 4:00 p.m.  at the San Bernardino Seven Day Adventist Church, 1696 North G Street, San Bernardino CA, 92405

Event Background: 

International award-winning choir, Takoma Academy joins national nonprofit the U.S. Dream Academy for a special Camerata concert on Saturday, March 11 in San Bernardino, CA.

Takoma Academy is a Maryland-based college preparatory, co-educational secondary day school operated by a Seventh-day Adventist Church. The U.S. Dream Academy is helping our nation’s children reach for their dreams. The non-profit provides a transformative mentoring experience for youth to build character, skills, and dreams in a safe out of school time environment. With this musical collaboration, the U.S. Dream Academy’s DreamKids, who will accompany the choir, will exercise its mission in helping the youth build character, build skillsets, and actualize their full potential. The San Bernardino Community Church is a partner of the U.S. Dream Academy where the Dream Academy San Bernardino is co-located. The community church is led by Pastor Jerrold Thompson.

Founder and CEO of U.S Dream Academy, Wintley Phipps created the organization to engage the youth in productive programs to prepare them for the future, helping over 11,000 DreamKids across ten cities nationwide. Thirty-four technically- trained students, under the leadership of Mrs. Lulu Mwangi Mupfumbu, the Director of Music at Takoma Academy, learn how to increase their performance and understanding of music history literacy and technical skills, as well as acquire background experience in multicultural music, general musicianship, and music for worship and ministry.

Their mission is to inspire and invest in the lives of children of incarcerated parents and families in communities harmed by systemic inequities. This year the U.S. Dream Academy is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

Every school year, the Takoma Academy choir performs up to thirty concerts and competitions either nationally or internationally. Thus far, the choir’s active involvement has earned them one gold medal and two silver medals in their first appearance at the 10th World Choir Games in Tshwane, South Africa, two Gold Diplomas at the American International Choral Festival in February of 2019 and several other awards and achievements to commemorate their talent in performance arts. 

As both organizations are aimed to inspire the youth and make the world a better place, this will collaboration through music showcases their ministry, and will spread the messaging of love and unity.

For further information regarding the organizations: visit or check out Takoma Academy YouTube channel.

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