The 14th Annual Closing the Gap Scholarship Tournament Event Held at the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Casino in Henderson, Nevada

George T. French, Jr., Ph.D. President of Clark Atlanta University, and Clifton L. Harris, Publisher of the San Bernardino American News attend the Annual William E. Shack Jr. Clark University Fundraiser in Henderson, NV. 

In its 14th year, this year’s event was held at the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Casino. The event was titled Closing the Gap Scholarship Tournament combined with Mr. Shacks 80th birthday. Sponsors include Charles Barkley $1000,000, Toyota-Alva Mason $30,000, MBZ of Buckhead $30,000, NAMAD-Damon Lester $10,000, Bill & Jin Jin Shack $5,000, Waverer Inc. (David Rosen) $5,000, New Faze Realty (Allen Warren) $5000, Luxvoni (Dakoda Buford) $5000, Morgan Stanley (Ralph Jackson) $5000, Beverly & Leon Davis $2500, Al Reid 2500, Elzye Epps $2,500, Jim Colon $2,500. 

All proceeds directly benefit the Closing the Gap Scholarship Fund established to provide scholarships to hundreds of young men and women who are struggling to complete their college education. 

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