Congress has Passed Omnibus Appropriations Bill that will Fund the Fifth Districts Little Third Community Gutters and Sidewalks Project

San Bernardino, CA.- Congress has recently passed a bill which has given our San Bernardino County more funding to complete local projects and improve our cities. $2,560,00.00 has been secured for the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development: Highway Infrastructure Programs that will go directly to our Fifth District. U.S. Rep. Pete Aguilar has listed Fifth Districts Little Third, street gutters and sidewalk project as one of the projects to be funded.

“I am proud to have secured over $2 million for the Little 3rd Street Project,” said Rep. Pete Aguilar. “This investment will expand access to public transit and create safer roads for San Bernardino residents. In order to reduce commute times and alleviate traffic, I will continue to prioritize local infrastructure projects and work hard to keep delivering for our region.”

“With the help of U.S. Rep. Pete Aguilar, we are going to be able to expand our infrastructure developments in our unincorporated and disadvantaged, Little Third community. These funds will go towards making routes to school safer for our children and paving roads to assure safety for our pedestrians and motorists. We look forward to the start of this project and cannot wait to update the public on the results.”

-Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr.

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