Hope Lutheran Church of Riverside donated 10% of their property sale net proceeds to Feeding America Riverside | San Bernardino

Photo: Nancy Preciado

(Riverside, CA – November 29, 2022) – Hope Lutheran Church of Riverside has served the community of Riverside for the past sixty years and counting. On Tuesday, November 15, they donated 10% of the net proceeds of the sale from their property to Feeding America Riverside | San Bernardino (FARSB), a longtime partner in our community outreach.

“Our community partners are truly a blessing to the communities they serve, and we have remained proud to be a small part of the fantastic work they do each day,” says Carolyn Solar, CEO of FARSB. “We are so thankful that Hope Lutheran chose to reinvest in their community with a substantial donation to FARSB. Thank you for your generosity!”

A small group of Hope Lutheran members and community volunteers, led by Larry Dodson and Carol Haffter, have kept a weekly food pantry open during the last three years of the pandemic. They are serving approximately 50-60 families per week. When Hope Lutheran closed in March 2022, the congregation wanted to ensure that this work would continue. Trinity Lutheran Church of Riverside has provided that space and support to keep Hope Lutheran’s outreach in the community alive.

“Providing outreach, services, meals, and groceries to the food insecure and homeless has always been integral to Hope Lutheran’s mission,” says Kathleen Bocian, a Hope Lutheran member.

Donations are the key that keeps our mission alive; with the support of everyone in the community, we can make a positive change and help others that do not have the necessary means to afford nutritional food in their household.

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