The children’s fiction book, San Bernardino Man Part One

By Krisanne Simmons-Smith

Announcing the release of San Bernardino Man Part One, by author Sinque Morrison. It is a science fiction trilogy of powerful books about a young man named Anthony Morrison.

San Bernardino Man is about a lonely young man that had a difficult childhood and became a target of bullies. He tried to resolve his issues with his oppressors but his technique failed and he suffered the consequences.

However, due to a plethora of events, all outside of his control, he learns to become a brave and mighty superhero who saves the residents in San Bernardino County where he lives, from a frightening alien from outer space, in a heroic, non-violent way.

There is a great moral to the story that will be inspiring and help young ones to identify when they are being bullied and how to resolve a situation peacefully.

It therefore has a positive message that relates to resolving violent crimes in a calm manner.  It is currently available on Amazon and IngramSpark.  A portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to charities that assist people who have suffered from violent crimes.

This science fiction book is full of positive, powerful black heroes and characters, it is fun, as well as exciting and full of mystery, intrigue and suspense.

The book has very colorful with vibrant illustrations that depict each character in a way that suits their gregarious dynamic personalities.

San Bernardino Man Part Two and Part Three are forthcoming.  The books are enjoyable, as well as ethical, with a strong, insightful message to our community.

A great gift for the upcoming holidays!

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