County’s youth a competitive advantage in attracting jobs

San Bernardino County not only is one of the fastest-growing population centers in California, it’s one of the youngest, offering growing businesses a steady pipeline of workers for decades to come. The county’s median age, 33, is the youngest in Southern California, and three years younger than the state average, attributable in large part to a surge in the number of young families.

As the chart on the right shows, more than one in four residents of San Bernardino County is under the age of 18. And with nearly 160,000 students currently enrolled in high school across the county, 66,000 in community colleges and more than 20,000 in four-year universities, the pipeline of next-generation career seekers is extremely attractive to employers looking to relocate or expand here.

Beyond sheer numbers, research shows that next-generation workers offer innovative businesses insight into changes in technology, consumer habits and social norms. According to Forbes magazine, Next-Gen workers “are inquisitive and eager to learn. They’re also extremely keen to put their skills to the test and, if opportunities arise, add new skills to parlay into future opportunities.”

At WDB, we are committed to ensuring that young adults in San Bernardino County have the skills they need to launch their careers, while meeting the often-challenging workforce needs of growing businesses. This includes working with community, education and business partners to prepare future workers for 21st century career opportunities. For more on all that we have to offer, please visit our website.

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