New School Year Brings New Principals To San Bernardino City Schools

Anton Principal Melanie McGrath

Six San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) campuses will begin the 2022–2023 school year on Monday, August 1 with new principals who are eager to work with families to foster collaborative relationships that put students on a path to success.

SBCUSD invests in growing its own crop of qualified educators and leaders, especially those who were educated in our schools, like Anton Elementary School’s new principal, Melanie McGrath, who attended Barton Elementary, Del Vallejo Middle School, and graduated from Pacific High School.

McGrath, formerly a coordinator in the District’s Multilingual Programs Department, is excited about leading Anton Elementary.

“It’s extra special to me because when I stand in Anton’s playground I can see my high school, and it renews my commitment to bettering my local community,” McGrath said. “I was born and raised in San Bernardino, and it made me who I am today. A lot of people underestimate San Bernardino and the people who come from here, but we have so much potential.”

McGrath is looking forward to forging strong, collaborative relationships with Anton Elementary families.

Anton is one of several SBCUSD schools starting the school year with new principals. Others are: 

Heather Bjornberg, North Park Elementary

Tamara Brown, Davidson Elementary School

Khaleelah Lewis, Parkside Elementary School

Dr. Christine Ramirez-Shows, Brown Elementary School

Anna Sosa, San Bernardino High School

Raul Pedraza, Inland Career Education Center 

Gomez and Hunt Elementary Schools will also have new principals, who have previously led other District schools. Assigned to Gomez is Maria Martinez, and Breanna York will lead Hunt Elementary.

Ana M. Applegate, the District’s Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, who is serving as the District’s administrator in charge in August, recommends that families find opportunities to engage in the school community as soon as possible, making sure to make connections at Back-to-School Night or Open House events.

Parents and guardians have many reasons why they should meet the staff at their children’s schools, especially because establishing a personal relationship makes it easier to be connected to a host of school resources, Applegate said.

“Maybe a parent is nervous because they have a little one starting kindergarten and they still have questions,” Applegate said. “Or a parent may want to know more about program options being offered at the school. Open communication with the school is important and highly encouraged.”

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