LA Entrepreneur debuts new Black-owned wine this July

Marlo Richardson is a serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of Business Bullish, a website, and resource that seeks to train people in the areas of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Marlo is the owner of STAGE 21 bar in Culver City, CA, formally known as the Tattletale Room Tavern. She is also the president of Marlo Productions and produced two theatrical films and hosts a podcast that mentors people looking to start investing in cryptocurrency and the stock market.

Richardson’s Braymar Wines is distilled by her very own wine distillery Top Drawer Distillery.

LOS ANGELES, CA- More and more Black women are venturing into the wine industry. This summer, Marlo Richardson will join the less than 1 percent of black-owned wineries when she launches her California-based winery, Braymar Wines

The California mother of two named the wine after her daughters, Bradley, and Marli. The concept of Braymar Wines was developed during the pandemic in 2020. But the Los Angeles native has been a fan of wine since she opened her first restaurant in 2010 in Playa Del Rel, Ca. 

The wine is produced by Top Drawer distillery, also owned by Richardson, and will include a  North Coast Proprietor’s Red Blend, Sonoma Brut, California Sparkling Rosé and a Chardonnay. Its contents and grapes are sourced from a highly-rated winery in Napa and its blends are a combination of various grapes from different coasts in California.

As a restaurant and bar owner operator of  Stage 21 Sports & Entertainment Lounge in Culver City, Ca. ,Richardson said she has had the opportunity to listen to her customers, when they repeatedly asked for certain varietals.  She took their requests as an opportunity to make sure Braymar represented their trendy tastes. 

“Braymar was inspired by my desire to create memories with people I care about,” Marlo says. “Many of those lasting memories have occurred during a conversation that took place over a glass of wine or another cocktail.”

Richardson will also be debuting a pre-made margarita line under Top Drawer this summer. The margarita flavors will include premium, watermelon, pineapple and sour apple. 

 Braymar Wines will make its official debut July 2022.  For more information on Braymar Wines go to the website,

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