Mens  Health   Day   Rialto

Men’s Event Agenda

Table1: Why Men’s Mental Health Matters (Dr. Palmer)

Table 2: Men of Color and the Criminal Justice System (Mr. Adams & Officer Kasib Thomas) Role Play: When they pull you over..? and debrief/ process the experience. Develop a list of best practices. 

Table 3: Gang Intervention and prevention (Mr. Weems)

Table 4: Men and Fathering – Reviewing the importance of the Male Figures in Our Lives (Dr. Myrick)

Table 5: The Fathers Role (Mr. Berryman)

i. When I grew up the role of the father in the family was?

ii. Today being a father for most men means that his role in the family is?

iii. The way I see it, my role in the family is_______? and how is this impacted by gender expectations? 

Table 6: Biases and preconceived notions about men of color (Jonathan B, LMFT)

Table 7: Subconscious – review our ability to express ourselves openly and honestly (Kamelah-Envision Youth Services & Jackson) Kendrick Lamar’s album “Morale & The Big Steppers” and mental health

Table 8: The current state of men of color – How others see us/How we see ourselves Dr. Kadir

Table 9: Teaching Maturity – Emotional Intelligence (Mr. Thigpen & Mr. McMillon)

Table 10: Peer pressure in social media Knowing what’s important (Mrs. Patterson & Owen)

Table 11: What happens when you turn 50? Education ( Mr. Townsend)

Table 12: Sex, Disease and Men’s Health – (Khadijah Muhammad, PA

Homelessness and youth (TAY)??

Men Of Color in Entrepreneurship (tentative NSG Impact)

Financial Literacy (Tentative Wells Fargo)

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