The  55th  Social Lites, Inc.  Beautillion  Ball  Was  A  Success! en  Striving  For  Excellence “

Four distinguished young men were presented to society on Saturday, April 2nd 2022 at the beautiful campus of California State University. The 55th Annual Beautillion Ball was no disappointment to a packed house of spectators as each young man was introduced along with their courts. Elegance, excitement and suspense were thick in the air as the Knights and their courts performed dances with precession for their guests. The Keynote speaker was Dr. Anthony Blacksher, faculty chair of sociology at San Bernardino Valley College with concentration in Africana Studies. He is the son of late Anthony & Lisa Blacksher, where he spoke truth, life and history into the young men as well as shared his spoken word through his poetry.

The evening concluded with the swearing in of our newest Sir Knight Kuzari Jelani Akinlana Osonduagwuike was dubbed Sir Knight, receiving over $10,000.00 in scholarships and awards for the prestigious title. Additionally, Kuzari received $6,000.00 for the Social Lites, Inc., Evan T. Carthen Emerging Leadership Memorial Award, and $1,500.00 for the Lisa Blacksher-Owens Memorial Award. Cumulatively, Sir Knight Kuzari was awarded over $18,000.00 and received countless gifts for college expenses to allow him to pursue his dream to become a Documentary Producer for the big screen.   

Syrano Ware and Talmadges Hughes lll were both awarded 1st Runner – ups with receiving $2,000.00 each, MacBook laptops and accessories. Syrano Ware also won the Social Lites, Inc., Lisa Blacksher-Owens Social-Lites Memorial Awarded of over $1,500.00, in addition to other gifts of his choosing for his college education.

Talmadges Hughes lll was awarded 1st Runner up receiving an additional $1,000.00 for the Social Lites, Inc., Evan T. Carthen Emerging Leadership Award, and $500.00 for the Social Lites, Inc., Lisa Blacksher-Owens Social-Lites Memorial Award, in addition to other gifts of his choosing for college expenses. 

Freddie Fletcher received over $1,000.00 for the Alumni Award and the Social Lites, Inc., Lisa Blacksher-Owens Memorial Award. Each young man received a host of Resolutions and Proclamations by local mayors and dignitaries.

As we conclude our ceremonial event, our work is NOT over. With your help, we are seeking our next black and brown young men to set on the path toward higher levels through their education. The Social Lites program is a non-profit (501c3) program that created the Beautillion Program. It was started in the Inland Empire out of concern for the future and survival of the young black and brown men in the community in which they live and serve. This program is designed to help young men who are seniors in high school prepare for college through the solicitation of ads, leadership development, accountability, responsibility, etiquette, attire for all occasions, spiritual growth, public speaking, and community service.

If you know any boys or young men 6 yrs old to 1st year in college who aspire to improve with their educational aspirations. Please reach out to us so that we can bring them into the program. If you would like to donate to our cause, we appreciate all contributions. To date, we have we have given out approximately 2.5 million dollars in scholarships to our college bound young men.

For more information, please call chairperson, Sheri Lewis at (909) 320-0799 or co-chairperson, Elsie Paulino (951) 205-8823 or publicity chairperson, Marlene Davis at (909) 709-5502  

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