Tik Tok sensation Smoovemusiq shares his secrets to his success

By Clifton Harris

For many of us, social media is a platform we all use for various reasons. It could be for fun, business, marketing ideas and art or just killing time. For Jerel Hodnett, he turned Tik Tok into a mission to become a viral sensation and the mission he set forth to accomplish was achieved. Hodnett is known as “@SmooveMusiq” on Tik Tok and with just over 200,000 followers he is on his way to reaching a million followers within a few more months. 

So how did he do it? Research, studying social media experts, and digging deeper into the Tik Tok algorithm to understand which content is engaged with the most. Detailed descriptions, proper use of hashtags and using trendy music all play a part in the success of his content he’s posted. Hodnett gained 100,000 followers within a few days and never looked back.

With a larger social media presence came responsibility and Hodnett understood that and took on the responsibility of being a role model for the younger generation who made Tik Tok what it is today. Once Hodnett’s following became substantial, he began doing live streams focusing on positive reinforcement, which he felt was a dire need in the Tik Tok space. With much appreciation growing from his positive message, many fans began sharing gifts in appreciation. Today, Hodnett is able to provide for his family for being a positive influence on others. He only hopes more join him in using social media for positive reinforcement to reap the same benefits he’s achieved.

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Tik Tok- @Smoovemusiq

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