SBVC’s FTVM students set to earn IMDB credit for production services on Go Local Lee

Chef Lee, star of the forthcoming TV show is partnering with the college’s film department to highlight local restaurants, bars, coffee shops and more!

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.) – A new collaboration between San Bernardino Valley College’s Film, Television and Media Department and Inland Empire Food Aficionado Chef Lee Burton is brewing and it’s resulting in a new TV show set to premiere on KVCR-TV.

Students enrolled in FTVM 114, 112, 130, 131 and 132 will have the opportunity to support the show with production services and earn IMDB credit, solidifying their professional experience in TV and media. 

Spring 2022 enrollment is open for all of the courses referenced above – with the opportunity to shoot video, operate cameras and lighting, engineer audio, and more. 

“Our program thrives on partnerships like this, as we’re able to put theory into actual practice for our students, and not only do they learn necessary skills to thrive in the industry, but they end up with an IMDB credit at the end.”

Lucas Cuny, Film, Television, & Media Co-Chair

In the meantime, Chef Lee is counting down the days until January 18, the start of production, and the beginning of a collaboration that will greatly benefit local community food-related establishment, especially amid the hardships presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

“I’m excited to collaborate with students at SBVC for my show. I want Go Local Lee to have a current, fresh perspective and I know the students will help me achieve the look and feel that I envision. Being a culinary instructor, I enjoy working with students, especially on projects requiring lots of creativity and collaboration. I believe that experience, in any profession, is the best way to learn.”

Chef Lee Burton, Go Local Lee

The goal of Go Local Lee is to encourage viewers to support locally-owned restaurants and food-related businesses; while showing appreciation for the diligence that goes into operating a business serving homemade food and handcrafted beverages. 

“After having worked every job in a restaurant, from busboy to general manager, to dishwasher to executive chef, I truly understand how challenging it can be to run a restaurant. I want viewers to have a sincere appreciation for how much goes into operating a restaurant. It’s really a show about people more so than it’s a show about food. I believe that if you get to know the restaurant owner’s stories, and have the opportunity to learn about their struggles, we’ll all be more inclined to support them.” 

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