WITNESS FOR JUSTICE #1072 Join the Movement toward Racial Justice

Velda Love

Our nation is deeply immersed in a resurgence of racist tactics and behaviors that calls for a deeper commitment to eradicate the ongoing practices of oppression, hate speech, individual bigotry, and overt violence against communities of color.

The movement for black lives is sacred and spiritual. The movement for racial justice cannot be separated from faith commitments and commandments as taught in Old and New Testaments. Our faith demands we study the timeline of resistance and the movement for black lives as evidenced in the wake of the May 20, 2020 murder of George Floyd.

Why Join the Movement toward Racial Justice?

Join the Movement toward Racial Justice is an invitation to demonstrate God’s love and to partner with others who are working for the common good. The Christian church began as a movement towards a just world through the teachings of Jesus. As disciples of Jesus, we believe it is our mandate to work for and seek justice, love, and compassion. Join the Movement toward Racial Justice was featured as a new campaign initiative during General Synod 33.

Stories are foundational for movement work. Stories inform and encourage local congregations to support anti-racism work. Congregations engaged in dismantling racism reinforce the UCC’s commitment to continue its movement toward becoming an anti-racist denomination.

Stories come from the heart, cultural expressions, lived experiences, and social locations. Stories formed by faith are integral for the continued growth of the Christian church nationally and globally. Through Join the Movement toward Racial Justice, UCC local churches, Conferences and Associations, clergy and lay will share stories about the good anti-racism advocacy, activism, and healing work being done across the country.

The foundation of our faith is rooted in the God of creation. Join the Movement Toward Racial Justice stories will inspire others and people will know that we are Christians by our love—living out loud toward a Just World for All.

Now is the time to Join the Movement toward Racial Justice. Movements ignite feelings of belonging to causes bigger than ourselves. We hope to ignite and invite the next generation to join the movement and carry on the work of racial justice.

Velda Love is Minister of Racial Justice, Lead for Join the Movement toward Racial Justice Campaign, and member of the Education for Faithful Action Plus (EFA+) Team in Justice and Local Church Ministries for the United Church of Christ.

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