Snoop Dogg’s Mother Passes Away at 70: “An Angel for a Mother”

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After asking for prayers this past summer and spending months in the hospital, Beverly Tate, the mother of hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg, has passed away. She was 70 years old.

Snoop Dogg confirmed his mom’s death on Sunday (October 24). The rapper took to social media to share tribute posts with his 65 million followers, alongside some heartfelt captions.

“Mama thank u for having me,” Snoop Dog wrote on Instagram next to a photo of himself and his mom. Friends and fans showered him with love and prayers in the comments. This death hit Snoop hard as he just celebrated his 50th birthday a few days ago and was looking to celebrate his milestone birthday with his mom. Friends shared tribute posts to showcase their appreciation for the rapper.

“Thank u God for giving me an angel for a mother,” The Bones actor wrote.

Vernell, Snoop Dogg’s father, also asked for prayers, according to TMZ. He says the family needs prayers more than ever right now.

Tate, is an author and evangelist who was born in McComb, Mississippi, in 1951. She is in part the reason why Snoop created a gospel album a few years ago to honor his mom and grandmother who spoke life into him at a young age. Snoop Dogg’s father, Vernall Varnado, born December 13, 1949, in Magnolia, Mississippi, was a Vietnam veteran, singer, and mail carrier who was frequently absent from his life.

She published a book in 2014 called Real Love II.

The description notes that it is “the detailed journey of a celebrity mom and extraordinary woman … mother of four sons, including rapper/hip-hop artist, Snoop Dogg.” It adds that the story “shares her journey from her roots in the Deep South to the bright lights of Hollywood.”

“It’s more than a sharing of her experiences,” reads the description, “but it’s her story about how she learns just how deep God loves her and that it is His love that is truly the real thing.”

Tate celebrated her 70th birthday this year, and OnDaSpotLive captured an interview with her that was shown at her birthday party.

“It’s been a joy coming to this,” she said, “even though there were times when I thought I wouldn’t make it. I’ve been a sick woman, in the hospital for six weeks at a time, and didn’t know, but the God that I serve, he told me it wasn’t time, and he let me live on just a little bit longer. And I’m so happy. I’m so blessed.”

It was also his mom who, last February, convinced Snoop to apologize to Gayle King after criticizing her interview with WNBA star Lisa Leslie following the tragic death of Kobe Bryant.

“My mother raised me in church and she raised me to respect women,” Snoop said of seeing the error of his ways. “It was certain things she said to me that took me back to being a little kid. And when your mama can make you feel like a kid, that’s when you gotta get right.”

While we don’t know the extent of the illness that Mama Tate faces, we are joining in the tons of fans and celebrities like Dr. Dre, Lala Anthony, Busta Rhymes and more who are praying for a 100% recovery.

“Thank y’all for all your prayers,” Snoop later wrote in a video update. “Gotta stay strong, keep pushing on.

“They say God don’t put nothing on your shoulders you can’t handle. I’m being tested right now, ya’ll. Make sure ya’ll pray for me and my family.”

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