Social Work Action Group (SWAG) wins contract with San Bernardino County 5th District to implement homeless services plan

San Bernardino, CA. -San Bernardino County 5th District Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr. is proud to announce the approval of the contract with Social Work Action Group (SWAG) as of the Board of Supervisors meeting on October 5, 2021. SWAG will spearhead the “homeless services plan” in collaboration with the 5th district and Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr.

“It is vital that we work with providers like SWAG to engage with chronically homeless individuals, especially “Super-Utilizers” of emergency medical services to help them create a life off the streets. We must also work to link medical, predominately substance abuse, services to our identified population of people without stable shelter.” -San Bernardino County 5th District Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr.

SWAG was originally found in 2017, composed of individuals with diverse educations and experience in a variety of social services. They specialize in program design and implementation of direct services to people experiencing homelessness. Unlike many short term solutions to homelessness, SWAG’s vision involves a systematic approach that ignores the focus on services themselves in favor of positive long-term outcomes with measurable success.

Call the San Bernardino County 5th district office at (909)-387-4565 for more information.

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