Surprising Factors That Could Be Spiking Your Blood Pressure

An alarming percentage of African Americans have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. In fact, data shows that Black people are almost twice as likely to have this condition as those of other ethnicities. While some risk factors for developing high blood pressure are obvious cush as genetics or a poor diet, there are other factors that might surprise you. 

There Are Issues With Your Thyroid

Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can affect your blood pressure. In the former, low production of thyroid hormones will make your arteries more rigid, raise the bad cholesterol, and slow your heart rate. When all these issues are combined, the end result is high blood pressure.

Since an improperly working thyroid can affect a lot more than your heart, it’s important to check assessed if you have any of the symptoms.

You Have A Sleeping Disorder

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that throws several of the body’s systems out of whack because you don’t sleep well. It shouldn’t be surprising then that persons with sleep apnea also have a high likelihood of being diagnosed with high blood pressure. It’s estimated that disrupted sleep releases chemicals that raise your blood pressure.

In the long run, the lack of sleep can also weaken important blood vessels. Fortunately, sleep apnea can be treated so if you’re having trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor quickly.

You’re Missing Human Interaction

Social interaction has been found to be an important pillar in maintaining overall wellness. Without it, persons often battle with depression, anxiety, and heart issues. That includes having high blood pressure. If this sounds like you, it’s best to find social activities that suit you while getting the benefits you need. 

There’s Too Much Added Sugar In Your Diet

When it comes to high blood pressure, persons are usually on high alert for salt. However, added sugar should be on your radar too.

Sugar can raise both the diastolic and systolic numbers of your blood pressure, especially if it’s in the form of high fructose corn syrup. In this case, keeping your sugar intake in check can work wonders. 

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