Survey examines racial trauma and Black entrepreneurship

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Parlin, NJ – May 24, 2021 – A new survey examines the presence of racial trauma in the lives of Black entrepreneurs. The 24-question survey gathers information regarding Black entrepreneurs’ experiences with racism, ranging from viewing the traumatic videos of George Floyd’s murder and Sandra Bland’s harassment by a police officer, to experiencing colorism and choosing to patronize non-Black businesses based on an unpleasant experience with a Black-owned business.  

The survey was created by Michelle Hollinger, CWO (Chief Worthiness Officer) of The Institute for Worthy Living, who said she’s exploring the correlation between racial trauma and Black entrepreneurs’ success.  

“Systemic racism, blatant racism, internalized oppression and the trauma that results impacts Black people in a number of ways, some of which we have not even considered. We know it impacts our mental, physical and emotional health. It’s exhausting and stressful to navigate racism – directly and indirectly,” Hollinger explained. “But what we might not have considered are the self-fulfilling prophecies and limiting beliefs that result from racial trauma and how they shape the way we see ourselves, each other and our beliefs about running successful businesses.” 

Hollinger created The Worthy Entrepreneur Academy to help Black entrepreneurs manifest thriving businesses by healing racial trauma and mastering success principles after learning that Black women were the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the country, but despite being as brilliant, creative and hard working as other groups, made the least amount of money.   

“Black people are phenomenal. Like mind-blowingly phenomenal. That we’ve accomplished as much as we have in this country is astounding when you consider the trauma we carry in our subconsciousness based on America’s atrocities towards us historically and currently,” she shared. “Imagine what we can do without the trauma.” 

The Worthy Entrepreneur Academy aims to answer that query for Black entrepreneurs. The Academy is a revolutionary online program that launches on June 19th – Juneteenth. It includes a three-phase process that guides members through healing activities in phase one, through mastering success principles in phase two and assigns members to powerful master mind groups in phase three. 

“This country should not be able to create the narrative about Black entrepreneurs and their ability to manifest successful businesses,” Hollinger said. “Black entrepreneurs can and must create their own narrative.”  

Her book, The Worthy Entrepreneur, will be released on September 15.  

Learn more about the Academy at  Black entrepreneurs can take the survey at  

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