Assembly Member James Ramos introduces Assembly Bill 1183.

Jeff Cooper

Assembly Member James Ramos (40th District) has introduced Assembly Bill 1183 to increase opportunities for desert conservation and access to natural habitats, particularly to minority communities who have suffered disproportionately from ongoing environmental crises and the COVID-19 pandemic. Hikers, bird watchers, rockhounds, night sky observers, mountain bikers and off-road vehicle enthusiasts will benefit from this bill.  

California’s deserts serve as homes to unique plant and endangered wildlife species, as well to important historical, cultural, and sacred sites within their borders. Scientifically, they perform critical environmental roles, including capturing and storing carbon (CO2) in their soil and plant root systems, which otherwise would accelerate greenhouse emissions and the climate change crisis. 

Assembly Member Ramos’ bill would create a program within the state Wildlife Conservation Board that would provide funding for projects in the California desert that would conserve important habitat, provide increased recreation and public education, and protect cultural resources.  

I want to thank Assembly Member Ramos for his innovative legislation that will lead to a healthier, more sustainable, and increasingly enjoyable California desert for all.

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