The Nurse Who Vaccinated Joe Biden Shares Her Views on the COVID-19 Vaccine

Since the recent release of the COVID-19 Vaccine, over 2 million Americans have already been vaccinated. In fact, many of the healthcare professionals share their experiences of both receiving and administering the vaccine including nurse practitioner, Tabe Mase, who was selected to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to President-Elect Joe Biden. got the opportunity to speak with Mase about her experience giving the Pfizer and BioNtech shot to Biden and front-line workers.

“I was informed that morning that I could administer the vaccine to some public figures.” Mase stated, and despite the number of people in the room or cameras pointed in her direction she simply “zoned in…and everything else went silent, and it was just the two of us and he got his vaccine.”

Biden’s decision to receive his vaccination at her organization was humbling news to Mase, and she was honored to be selected as the nurse practitioner to administer it to him. She expressed that her moment with the president-elect gave her optimism for the future now that the vaccine is available.

Mase has been an employee at ChristinaCares health System for nearly 15 years and has given “too many vaccines to count” during that time which partially led to her being selected to vaccinate Biden.

She has also been called to do other historical… as well. In fact, Mase also administered the very first COVID-19 vaccine to a ChristianaCare caregiver last Friday (to Respiratory Therapist Kathleen Bonis). Since then, ChristianaCare has administered more than 1800 vaccinations to their caregivers using doses from Pfizer and Moderna.

Not only has Mase been an administrator of the vaccine, but she, among other caregivers of color, has been on the other side of the needle as well. She shared the importance of healthcare workers being a trusted source of information for community members by leading by example. “With healthcare providers and front line workers going first as an example to the community. Getting the Vaccine, being present and available to answer questions and provide information is key.” Mase Stated.

She is aware of the concern and mistrust within minority communities, especially communities of color, and believes that  “all the providers of color standing in line getting the vaccine and giving each other the vaccine reduces [vaccine] hesitancy and shows that it is safe”

Mase believes the best thing for someone who has questions or concerns surrounding the vaccine is seek information from a trusted source.

“Ask questions, get a trusted person or provider, someone that can really break it down for you.” Mase advises, “Go to those trusted sites. I know we love to ask our sisters and our cousins and siblings but for this, I think you should go to a trusted site.”

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