Arrest Records now available on the SB-American Website

Find records of arrest that have been made in San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles county.

Arrest records tab found on our Home page

We have added a list of arrest records covering three counties which are updated daily for San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles county.

We have added a tab on our Website header which directs you to multiple options to search arrest records in three different counties. The first image you will see is a text list detailing the name of the person arrested, the date of the arrest, the penal code violated and a short description of the crime that the officers documented. There is also a view details option which directs you to the source ( of the information. When you have reached the directed site you can view further details on the arrest and you can also download the report for $5.00. Once you purchase the report you receive a printable PDF with a map, description and penal code violations summarized on one sheet.

Download the Arrest record example below to see how a purchase appears.

Under the text details of each arrest you will find a map where you can search arrest by map location. Once you click the red markers that show where an arrest has been made, you receive the same information as the text list.

At the bottom of the page you will find a link to view both Riverside county and Los Angeles county. Feel free to utilize this information and also share this information. The arrest records are updated daily by 1:30pm, so new arrest are listed daily.

Arrest Records Source:

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