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Sat., June 27, 2020, San Bernardino, CA. – The Enterprise Building and The 320 Premiere Hall will be hosting a special July 4th holiday series of events on July 4th and 5th from 11 AM to 3 PM, at 320 North E Street in downtown San Bernardino called, “Show & Tell: A Story of Our Ancestors Freedom Fight!”.

All families are encouraged to participate in observance of America’s other Independence Day of Juneteenth marking the end of slavery to today’s Black Lives Matter and their importance for all people’s edification.

The events are coordinated by LUE Dowdy, Vice President of the Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce Inland Citiies East Chapter, along with volunteers from local community organizations such as LUE Productions, Youth Build Inland Empire, Purposely Awakened , and the Westside Story Newspaper.

Participating organizations at this event are:

*YouthBuild School – Africa American Icons

*Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce ICC – Before Black Wall Street, The Story of Eatonville, FL.

*Westside Story Newspaper – Liberation Through Black Media

*T’ana Phelice Productions – “The Only Tired I Am” (short skit)

*LUE Productions – Musical Timeline of Music That Helped Our People Sustained Through Dark Times

*African American Mental Health Coalition – Methods Of Treatment Provided For African American Women with Mental Health conditions

*Music Changing Lives – When The 4th of July was Black

*Purposely Awaken – Liberation through Black Media in Conjunction with the Westside Story Newspaper

*Off The Chain Alliance – The Discrimination and Elimination of African American Hair

*Unitee – Born Guilty, A Look At Incarceration and Social Inequality

*Painter, Maurice Howard

*Young Women Empowerment (YWE) – Human Trafficking Awareness – Social and Emotional Barriers That Prevent Young Women From Achieving Their Aspirations

*We 3 Productions – Isolation Concentrations: Under The Boabab Tree

These events are sponsored by The Enterprise Building and will be a COVID-19 required setting for participants to maintain social distancing and wearing of masks in order participate.

“Don’t wait! You can register your tour today and select your tour time. Please visit the link below. We Look forward to seeing you at the events. Remember to bring your entire family, especially your children” — LUE Dowdy

For further information, contact LUE Productions at: I 888.466.7408, Ext. 11, or Mobile phone at: 909.566.1000 

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