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Publisher of The San Bernardino AMERICAN News

Clifton Harris

Editor in Chief


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Clifton Harris 

Editor in Chief 

Investigative Reporter

Mary Martin-Harris / Editor

Clifton B. Harris / Audio Engineering Editor 

Legal /Display Advertising (909) 889-7677

           The San Bernardino American News was established May 6, 1969. A legally adjudicated newspaper of general circulation on September 30, 1971, case number 15313 by the Superior Court of San Bernardino County. 

The San Bernardino AMERICAN News subscription rate is $58.00 per year.

The San Bernardino AMERICAN News is committed to serving its readers by presenting news unbiased and objective, trusting in the mature judgment of the readers and, in so doing, strive to achieve a united community. 

News releases appearing in the San Bernardino AMERICAN News do not necessarily express the policy nor the opinion of the publishers.

The San Bernardino AMERICAN News reserves the right to edit or rewrite all news releases.

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