Black Elected Officials Unite To Save Black Lives In Riverside County

Riverside County, CA – In the wake of a global call that Black Lives Matter, African American elected officials throughout Riverside County have formed the Riverside County Alliance of Black Elected Officials (ABEO) to fight for Black Lives.

The mission of ABEO is the bend the arc of government and public agencies towards justice. The alliance’s first priorities are to dismantle systemic racism in Riverside County, end police brutality, and direct public funds to marginalized African American communities. Founding members include:

Virniecia Green-Jordan – Perris Elementary Board of Education

Corey Jackson – Riverside County Board of Education

Cleveland Johnson – Moreno Valley Board of Education

Ty Liddel – Val Verde Board of Education

Michelle Maisel – Perris Elementary Board of Education

David Star Rabb – Perris City Council

Rita Rodgers – Perris City Council

Dr. Carla Thornton – Moreno Valley City Council

Colleen Wallace – Banning City Council

The African American community has historically been marginalized and oppressed since the founding of this nation and county. Due to these historical atrocities, the African American community has biological, social, and emotional adverse outcomes that are being passed from one generation to another. Covid-19 and international protests against police brutality have only magnified the systemic inequalities that persist in the United States and Riverside County. And nonwhite Americans, especially African Americans, have been hit hard on nearly every front.

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