“All to Jesus I Surrender… All to Him I Freely Give!”

Lou Yeboah

By: Lou Yeboah

“I will ever love and trust Him, in His presence daily live. I Surrender All, All to Thee, My Blessed Savior, I Surrender All.”  Oh, the joy of full salvation! 

What Does It Mean to Fully Surrender to God, you ask?

“Let me begin by using a powerful illustration that can serve as a metaphor.  There was an officer in the navy who had always dreamed of commanding a battleship. He finally achieved that dream and was given commission of the newest and proudest ship in the fleet. One stormy night, as the ship plowed through the seas, the captain was on duty on the bridge when off to the port he spotted a strange light rapidly closing with his own vessel. Immediately he ordered the signalman to flash the message to the unidentified craft, “Alter your course ten degrees to the south.”  Only a moment had passed before the reply came: “Alter your course ten degrees to the north.”

Determined that his ship would take a backseat to no other, the captain snapped out the order to be sent: “Alter course ten degrees–I am the CAPTAIN!” The response beamed back, “Alter your course ten degrees–I am Seaman Third Class Jones.”

Now infuriated, the captain grabbed the signal light with his own hands and fired off: “Alter course, I am a battleship.” The reply came back. “Alter your course, I am a lighthouse.”

The captain had better change course!  If he doesn’t change course, He is going to suffer horrible consequences.  His ship will sink and he will end up on the rocks!

The story shows us a scenario that is common to all of us.  In a way, it shows the struggle that we have with God.  It shows the fight we have because so many times, we, like the Captain, think we know best. We exert our self-will. We do what we want to do. We want to choose our course through the seas of life.  We live our life without God and sometimes we face disaster as a result of it.

If we don’t surrender to God’s love, to God’s guidance, and to the principles in the Word, we run into obstacles in our path that can sink our ship. I tell you, it is so much better to surrender to God’s ways and allow Him to direct your path through the stormy and treacherous seas of life.

Two Things to Think About:

God gives you the choice whether to surrender to Him or not. The history books tell us that when the British army surrendered to the rebel American army at the end of the Revolutionary War in October of 1781, they really had no choice except to surrender.    It wasn’t that they wanted to surrender. They were forced to surrender.

God could force you to surrender. He could make you submit. He is God! He could appear before you, force you to bow before Him, force your mouth to declare Him the Lord or your life.  God could do that. But he doesn’t. God will not force us to choose the better way, for God does not operate with coercion.  He simply offers Himself to us as a choice. He offers His love to us as a choice.  He offers us his blessings as a choice.

He has already paid the price so that it is actually easy. All you have to do is come. All you have to do is believe. All you have to do is freely put your faith in Him and trust in Him.  If you have not placed Jesus on the throne over your life, can I encourage you to do that today? Can I encourage you, to make the choice to surrender all you have to God? Waving the white flag of surrender never looked so good. 

“I know the plans I have for you, … plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” declares the Lord. [Jeremiah 29:11]. 

What more can I say? What more need I say?  The Lighthouse is Beaming! Repent and live!

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