Chief Joseph Paulino Speaks to Future Leaders of Beautillion Program on Leadership Joined by Sir Knight 2019 Neuman Sneed II

Beautillion photo 1
Front: Emmanuelle Ward; 2nd Row L/R: Alicia Toliver, Kameron Bentley, Police Chief Paulino, Neuman Sneed II (Sir Knight 2019), Andrew Mitchell; 3rd Row L/R: Ashley Dett, Kuzari Osonduagwnike, Amari Osonduagwnike, Jade Smith, Thomas Lacked

Mr. Joseph G. Paulino, Chief of Police for San Bernardino City Unified School District Police Department spoke to participants of the Social Lites, Inc. Beautillion program on Saturday, January 11, 2020 at the Center for Youth in San Bernardino on leadership and facts about police youth contact.  Chief Paulino emphasized, “when people see you they see your history” using visuals of his identification cards from grade school, middle school, high school, military, and current identification card as Chief of Police.  Future leaders were encouraged to guard their history.  It was important for future leaders to be reminded, “don’t let an uninformed person speak into your life.”  As leaders, Chief Paulino shared the importance of relationships, “it’s not who you know, but who knows you.”

Mr. Neuman Sneed II, Sir Knight 2019, sophomore at University Merced also guest speaker was in the audience prior to speaking appreciated Chief Paulino words of wisdom.  Sneed II entered college as a sophomore. He shared with future leaders “college is hard.” He earned an Associate of Arts Degree while in high school and assumed college would not be as challenging as earning the AA degree while in high school.  Sneed II plans to be an Optometrist.  He shared living on his own, experiencing dormitory life, learning various faculty style has been challenging, one in which he welcomes and looks forward in the upcoming semester.  Both Chief Paulino and Mr. Sneed II inspired the youth to “be good stewards as they pursue their goals in life.”

The 2029/2020 Beautillion Scholarship program will commence on Saturday, March 28, 2020.  For more information regarding the Beautillion Scholarship Program, please telephone chairperson, Mrs. Tina Darling at or Ms. Lisa Blacksher, President at or Mrs. Bettye Brewster, Business Manager,

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