Ahead of School Break, Discovery Cube & SoCalGas Introduce Fun New Film that Teaches Kids About Renewable Energy

Discovery Cube teams up with SoCalGas to produce the film on renewable natural gas, open for viewing at Southern California Discovery Cube locations

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 9, 2019 – Just in time for the holiday school break, Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) and Discovery Cube are releasing a fun adventure film about renewable energy. The film, created for children but educational for all ages, shows how renewable energy, including renewable natural gas is created and why it’s so important.

Energy fuels our lives every day, from recharging our smartphones, to heating our homes and cooking our meals. As California moves to more renewable sources of energy, many people are unaware of how renewable natural gas works. This film takes the viewer along for the journey from energy creation and storage to its end uses, illustrating the science behind energy and its importance to our everyday life.

“Kids will soon be out of school soon for the holidays, and parents may wonder how to keep them engaged and learning,” said Kellee Preston, chief operating officer for the Discovery Cube. “Our new energy film is fun, engaging and presents the science of renewable natural gas in a way that is easy to understand.”

“The use of renewable energy, including renewable natural gas, is vital to improve the environment and help California reach its climate goals,” said Trisha Muse, director of community relations for SoCalGas. “Using our waste streams to create renewable natural gas is one way we can reduce our carbon footprint, and still enjoy the convenience that natural gas provides. We hope this film educates viewers of all ages on the importance of renewable energy and renewable natural gas.”

RNG is a renewable fuel produced from food waste, farms, landfills, and even sewer systems. It can rapidly cut greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) because it takes more climate pollution out of the air than it emits as an energy source. RNG is already helping eliminate emissions from trucks and buses. Over the last five years, RNG use as a transportation fuel has increased 577 percent.

SoCalGas is working to build on RNG’s success in the transportation sector by making it available to fuel the homes of the company’s 21 million customers across Southern California. Earlier this year, SoCalGas’ committed to replace 20 percent of its traditional natural gas supply with renewable natural gas (RNG) by 2030 – part of  as part of a broad, inclusive and integrated plan to help to help achieve California’s ambitious climate goals.

Research shows that replacing about 20 percent of California’s traditional natural gas supply with RNG would lower emissions equal to retrofitting every building in the state to run on electric only energy and at a fraction of the cost.

To celebrate the film’s debut, SoCalGas and Discovery Cube held a screening and reception today at the Discovery Cube center in Santa Ana. Photos from the event are available for viewing here.

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