Black Can Crack! Avoid Dry Winter Skin With These 5 Steps

Black can crack photoDoes that healthy summer glow seem to be fading? Although the cool, crisp air may feel refreshing, it’s actually dry. Dry air can rob your skin of its natural oil and moisture, giving you an unwanted ashy, flaky look.

Well, what can you do to avoid looking like a real-life snowman? Follow these 5 tips!

1. Decrease Your Time In The Shower

A long, hot shower seems like the perfect remedy for relaxation on a cold winter day.  However, showering with hot water for long periods of time can have a drying effect on your skin. The hot water combined with soap can wash away the natural oils in your skin.

Decreasing your shower time to ten minutes or less can help prevent your skin from drying out. Applying natural moisturizers to your skin like jojoba oil or shea butter afteryou pat yourself dry from the shower will help to seal in moisture. Adding essential oils like rose, geranium, or chamomile to your moisturizer can amp up the moisturizing power.

2. Cleanse Your Skin With A Moisturizing Soap

The thought of not using soap to get clean is hard to imagine for most. There’s nothing wrong with using soap, but soap can be harsh on the skin, especially in the winter.

Avoiding antibacterial soaps or soaps that have fragrance can prevent the skin from drying. Moisturizing soaps with little to no fragrance have a less drying effect on the skin.

3. Don’t Over Exfoliate

Clearing away dead skin cells is an important part of any skincare routine. However, exfoliating too much during the cold months can be damaging to your skin. When you over-exfoliate, you strip away your skin’s natural oils and cause inflammation. This canlead to breakouts and hyperpigmentation of the skin, aka dark spots or blemishes.

If you have normal or oily skin, limit the use of exfoliating creams or sponges to 1 time per week instead of 2 to 3. If dry skin is the norm for you, limiting exfoliation to twice a month may be beneficial during dry months.

4. Stay Hydrated!

Drinking water during the cold season is just as important as when the sun is blazing. Your skin is the largest organ your body has and plays a vital role in your health. It provides a protective barrier for your internal organs and muscles while serving as an avenue for your body to get rid of toxins.

Drinking at least eight, 8-ounce glasses of water daily will provide your skin with what it needs to do its job.

5. Rest Up!

With our busiest holidays during the cold months, it can seem nearly impossible to get enough rest. Rest is an important component of having healthy skin. Without adequatesleep, our skin has a hard time regenerating from the damage done by harsh winter weather conditions.

Sleep deprivation causes a decrease in blood flow to the skin which can lead to inflammation and premature aging. Setting a time to unplug from your newsfeed or favorite show can help you get to bed earlier. Putting your children on a sleep schedule will help cut down on endless hours of trying to get them off to sleep.

Your skin not only is important to your physical health, it adds to your self-esteem and confidence! By incorporating these tips, you can keep your skin healthy and glowing in any weather.

Dr. Candace McMillon-Dantley is on a mission to inspire and educate women to health.  She is the creator of The Doc Knows, a health and wellness site for women.  When she’s not health writing, she is health motivating and educating through presentations on healthy nutrition, self-care, and conditions of the body.  Her experiences as a business owner, chiropractor, wife, and mom of two resonate with all women. Connect with Dr. Candace on Instagram @drcandace. 

Posted on November 26, 2019Dr. Candace McMillon-Dantley

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