In affiliation with Positive Change Foundation Black Women for Positive Change “Changing the Culture of Violence in America and the World”

U. S. Cities Lead Eighth Annual Week Of Positive Change, Non-Violence & Opportunities-Endorsed By Five (5) U.S. Governors

Washington, DC – Black Women for Positive Change (BWFPC) organized the Eighth Annual Week of Positive Change, Non-Violence and Opportunities, October 12-20, 2019 and beyond, in 9 cities in the United States, and London. National BWFPC Co-Chairs Dr. Stephanie Myers and Daun S. Hester stated, “Our dynamic leaders put together events to ‘Change the Culture of Violence in America, and the World’. The mission was to help thousands of adults and youth understand ‘Violence Is Not Normal’ and how to find ways to de-escalate and prevent violence.”

The 2019 Week of Non-Violence was endorsed by Governor Janet T. Mills, Maine; Governor Ralph Northum, Virginia; Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan; Governor Jared Polis, Colorado; Governor Tony Evers, Wisconsin; and Baltimore County Executive John Olszeweski. Partners and Sponsors include Trusted Inc., National Association of Black Nurses, Moms Demand Action, Highmark Inc., Saint and Streetfighter Foundation, 100 Fathers Inc., Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Pittsburgh, Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, Pittsburgh Black Nurses Association, and Duquesne University.

The following are the participating cities and leaders: In Baltimore, Danyell Smith hosted the Screening of Violence Prevention Film; in Birmingham, Carthenia Jefferson, Esq. held a “Stop the Violence” Conference; In Pittsburgh, Diane Powell organized a Parental Engagement in Violence Prevention; In Penn Hills, Pa., Dr. Nancy Hines led 800 students in a Peace Walk & Peace Pledge; In Phoenix, LaTanya Mathis, RN organized Justice and Opportunities for Us by Us; In Washington, D.C., Dawn Williams, Esq. conducted a “Violence Is Not Normal” Workshop; In London, UK, Zhana held a Blogging Carnival for Non-Violence; in Cincinnati, Lisa Hughes was set to hold a Peace Dialogue: Nonviolence and Peace (pending); In Los Angeles, Diane Mitchell-Henry, was set to organize a “Violence Is Not Normal” Millennial Discussion (pending).

Honorary Chair for 2019 Week of Positive Change, Non-Violence and Opportunities was Honorable Eric Holder Esq.; Honorary Vice Chairs Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI); and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA); Honorary Co-Chairs Eric J. Williams, DNP, RN, CNE, FAAN; Michelle Bernard, Esq., MSNBC Reporter; Kemba Smith, Social Justice Activist; and Dr. Charles, Steele, President/CEO of SCLC. National Webmaster Charlene Ligon, Omaha, NE, Facebook Manager Patricia Duncan, Denver, CO. **City Leaders available for interviews.

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