Congresswoman Torres to Chad Wolf: We Are Watching You

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Norma J. Torres (D-CA) published an op-ed exclusively with CNN today holding Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, accountable for his role as the architect of the Trump Administration’s family separation policies.

In the article, Rep. Torres, the only Central American immigrant serving in Congress, reveals new details of the poverty and violence that she and her family faced in her country of birth, Guatemala. The Congresswoman’s experiences humanize the plight that so many children faced as they sought a new life in the United States, only to be orphaned by Chad Wolf’s policies.

“If Wolf had taken one child away from his or her parents, he would be guilty of first-degree kidnapping, a felony that carries with it a prison sentence that is usually 20 years or more,” writes Congresswoman Torres. “But Chad Wolf didn’t take one child – he played a role in taking thousands from their parents. Callously. Systematically. And in a manner that helped this president instill fear into the heart of any desperate parent who dared look to the United States as a better place for their child to grow up.”

Wolf, who was not actually confirmed by the Senate to run the Department of Homeland Security, is the latest in a now-commonplace practice under the Trump Administration to be declared “Acting” Secretary of a federal agency.

“I might not be able to stop Wolf’s appointment, but I do have a message for him,” writes Congresswoman Torres. “We are watching you. You are unfit for service. We know you have it within you to harm children because you already have had a hand in doing so, and we know you have no shame about it because you still show your face in public. You don’t deserve the trust of the American people, and you do not have it.”

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