STARKART Helps Small Businesses get Discovered and Ranked Higher Online

STARKART, the largest grocery cart advertising company in the U.S. and Canada, recently teamed up with the NALA’s Reputation and Directory Management (RDM) product to bring the best of traditional and digital together for local businesses.

The NALA’s RDM platform is specifically designed for the marketing needs of small and medium-sized local businesses nationwide. The platform helps businesses get discovered on the most significant search engines and directories, as its features include Google Analytics, Google Promotional Posts, review widgets, and additional review sites, such as Zillow, Open Table, TripAdvisor, and much more. This gives small and mid-sized businesses a more active and positive online presence.

“RDM, which utilizes online reputation and listing management software, lists and optimizes a business on up to 50 top directory sites and search engines, such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp,” said Keith H. Sonne, Executive Vice President of STARKART, whose mission is to help local businesses attract new customers and keep their existing ones through its successful grocery cart advertising program. “This better ensures your business is found and ranks higher in searches.”

Added Eric Adams, Vice President – Production of the NALA, “Our RDM platform also assures your business listing is consistent so it will get more visitors, which means more business and more customer reviews. Keep in mind that the smallest inconsistency can be detrimental to your organic ranking.”

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From realtors and attorneys to restaurants and doctors, and any businesses in between, RDM helps SMB owners request reviews from customers, while increasing the number of positive reviews received from one easy-to-use dashboard. RDM not only makes a business discoverable online, but stand out. “It isn’t enough just to be found these days, you must also have stellar reviews, so that once you are found the customer will choose you to do business with,” noted Sonne.

Stated Adams, “Keep in mind that 92 percent of consumers read online reviews before doing business with any company and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as their friends.”

RDM also includes revamped analytics, including Google Profile Analytics, which includes visits, clicks, number of calls and directions. It also monitors button clicks for Google posts, review traffic and more. Clients can also request reviews for custom sites including Zillow, which accounts for 48 percent of all site traffic for real estate searches online.

Additionally, the RDM tool allows for a business to make updates whenever necessary, which automatically syncs across all of the sites managed. It is essential for a business to make updates when business hours change, due to a new season or to announce a new product or service. Every time an update is made, it shows as new activity on each of the listings, which can help with a business’ SEO and ranking.

“Business owners don’t have time to spend making updates on 50 sites online manually  and it will take some sites days, weeks or even months to update. RDM more efficiently updates such changes across all managed sites, making them consistent faster,” concluded Sonne.

For more information about how to improve your online reputation, and/or become discoverable, check out our short video here.

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