Young Visionaries is Hiring for #Mentors

Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy’s Mentor Program

The program will impact 50 High Desert youth per year with a focus on youth ages 14-17 that are currently using or have used opioids, youth at high risk of using opioids, and youth with family members who are currently using of have used opioids.

Program services will be provided to targeted youth as they progress through high school. The RED project adopted the Eisenhower Quantum Opportunities Best Practice Model to address the service needs of the targeted population. Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy’s selected program design serves in increasing positive behaviors, preventing drug abuse, fostering increased academic performance, career mentoring, and continuation into post-secondary education after graduation, and support for individuals receiving substance abuse treatment. Further, Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy’s designed plan also seeks to reduce negative behaviors among youth including truancy, drop-outs, delinquency, and crime. The project design, inputs, activities and output is supported by the following strategies that will elevate outcomes associated with project goals and objectives: 

A. Improving academic achievement among targeted youth supported by mentoring that fosters increased youth participation in Positive Youth Development (PYD) activities; and

B. Decreasing problem behaviors among targeted youth by mentoring youth on resiliency and decision making; and 

C. Engaging youth in positive leadership roles and activities, by engaging youth in facilitating Youth Leadership projects and participating in Democracy Building activities – as designed by the programs leadership and advocacy training.

YVYLA in the Community

Mentor Job Description

12.00 hr PT

PURPOSE: To give a young person in need of social, developmental and emotional support the companionship of a caring adult.

Mentor Duties/Responsibilities:

* Responsible for meeting with the assigned mentee for the agreed-upon time frame (i.e., often weekly meetings for at least one year)

* Act as a resource and guide

* Work closely with agency staff through phone contact, personal conferences and group meetings

* Serve as an example/role model

* Accept and relate to youth who may not share the volunteer’s lifestyle and values

* Respect the mentee’s right to self-determination and independence   

Mentor Requirements/Qualifications:

Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with School District staff, public officials, private sector officials, parents and community leaders.

Familiarity with quality criteria for after school programs.

Ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate sensitivity to others as well as respond to critical incidents and act swiftly in an emergency situation.

Excellent organizational and managerial skills.

Familiarity with basic computer software programs.

Must clear DOJ and FBI Livescan, DMV H6 and Tuberculosis Clearance.

At Least 21 years of age.


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Contact Information 

Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy

696 S. Tippecanoe, San Bernardino CA 92408 (909) 723-1695 

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