To: City of Adelanto Officials: Council Member Ed Camargo; Council Member Joy Jeanette; Council Member Gerardo Hernandez; Mayor Gabriel Reyes; Mayor Pro Tem Stevevonna Evans

City of Victorville Officials: Mayor Gloria Garcia; Mayor Pro Tem Rita Ramirez; Council Member Jim Cox; Council Member Blanca Gomez; Council Member Debra Jones (Victorville)

Re: Darrell Allen (DOD: July 10, 2019) in the City of Adelanto, California

Elected Community Officials:

The family of Mr. Darrell Allen, slain on July 10, 2019, by San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, seek accountability, answers, and justice regarding the death of their beloved family member, Darrell. Members of the community also want answers and accountability.

Unnecessary and senseless deaths are becoming all too common in our High Desert. Mr. Allen was shot, multiple times, in broad daylight in the City of Adelanto. It is believed Mr. Allen was fully complying with the commands of San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. Mr. Allen did not pose an imminent threat to himself or those around him. Questions abound such as:

What deescalating measures were taken by responding deputies and why does local law enforcement not yet have body cameras? Also, why haven’t the names of the shooting officers been released? This epidemic is not just limited to the City of Adelanto. Just last week, another shooting incident occurred in the City of Victorville. The negligent and reckless acts of law enforcement endangered the lives of innocent bystanders and the public. These actions, which remain ignored, question the overall practice and morality of law enforcement.

Mr. Allen was a young, black man; a wonderful father; a husband; a son; a brother. Now, those closest to him must live each day with this unfathomable absence in their lives. Mr. Allen’s family would like to know … as trusted, elected officials, what will be done to hold those who took Mr. Allen’s life, needlessly, and how will another senseless murder in the community be prevented? You were elected and chosen by this very community to protect and seek justice amongst the wronged. Will the people of this community be subjected to the loss of another valued member or will this epidemic stop? We come to you to seek the necessary security in protecting one another and to avoid losing lives at the hands of law enforcement. Can Mr. Allen’s family, along with your community, trust you to make a difference? There is a “Day of Action” scheduled for August 7, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. where Mr. Allen’s family will be present, along with members of the community, seeking answers to their questions. We hope when your name is called on August 7, 2019, you will stand and speak up for the people, or, will silence be

heard with your absence? The choice is yours.

Concerned Citizens: Paul Marsh, Suzanne Serdahely, Valentine Godina, James Terrell, Israel Riley, Clifton Harris, Socorro Cisneros, Sharon Brunner, Dr.Eliz Dowdy, Eli West

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