Digital Amenities in the Black Community

Digital Amenities
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By Stephanie Zarriello

A lot of us use technology to communicate these days. The days of face-to-face communication, in person, are minuscule to the time we spend in digital contact.

We used to come home and, if we were lucky, we would listen to see if we have messages on the answering machine at home. Most of us just waited until the phone rang to catch up with the person on the other end. We sent letters and we visited one another. That was the communication before cell phones and the internet. A double edged bittersweet sword of technology development I suppose.

We all do not have access to all these types of communication options. Most are considerable amenities with in our underserved communities as it is. The importance of you holding this paper or reading online is supporting the free black press and we are grateful for your readership. Your readership allows us to be the free weekly source of news for our community and city who are in need of a free platform to obtain it from.  No subscriptions, no paywalls, no obstacles to get the news that affects you.

2020 is a big year for the Black Community in San Antonio.  Our Black Free Press- The San Antonio Observer (yes, this newspaper:) will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary.  We celebrate this community, we celebrate our history, and we celebrate others.

This article originally appeared in the San Antonio Observer.

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