NCRF Hosts FREE Exclusive HBCU Basketball Showcase in California

HBCU 2nd Annual Basketball Showcase“We are excited to partner with Lynwood Unified School District  National College Resources Foundation to host an exclusive HBCU Basketball Showcase for Men’s and Women’s Basketball Showcase to give unsigned student athletes an opportunity to play there sport in college,”

Dr Theresa Price
Dr. Theresa Price

says NCRF Founder Dr. Theresa Price.


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With Enrollment on the Rise at HBCUs

NCRF hosts an exclusive HBCU Basketball Showcase in California

Saturday and Sunday April 13th and 14th, National College Resources Foundation (NCRF) will host close to 30 coaches from historically black college and universities to evaluate talent in California.  The showcase is the only one of its kind in the country that is FREE and open to unsigned seniors and junior college athletes to get recruited to play at a four year college.

All young men and women who are looking to play basketball at the next level will are invited to come to Firebaugh High School and Lynwood Middle School.  Registration starts at 8am.  The girls will have an additional opportunity to play in an Invitational All Star game in partnership with Coach Loyd Hooper Saturday at Compton Salvation Army.

Last year 57 athletic scholarships were offered to young men ballers.  This year will be the first of its kind in the country to also have an HBCU Girls Basketball Showcase.  National College Resources Foundation has been making history increasing enrollment to colleges and especially HBCUs at a minimum of 20%. 

“We are on a mission to change the world.  They are so many student athletes who just need an opportunity to play while obtaining their degree”, says Dr. Theresa Price

The showcase will take place at Firebaugh High School (young men) and Lynwood Middle School (ladies) in Lynwood, CA on April 13thand 14th, 2019. Ladies open run is Sunday only.  Registration begins at 8am.

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