COMMENTARY: Russia Targeted African-American Voters

Derrick Johnson
NAACP President Derrick Johnson

By: Derrick Johnson, President & CEO NAACP

Baltimore, Maryland – Attorney General William Barr released a four-page letter to Congress that raises more questions than answers.

Congress and the American people deserve to see the full report and findings from the investigation, not just a summary from Trump’s hand-picked Attorney General. It is absolutely imperative that we have full access to the Mueller report and all the underlying evidence to learn the facts surrounding Donald Trump’s actions and potential attacks on the integrity of our democracy.

We are entitled to know everything about Russia’s brazen attacks on our political system. This includes how Russia manipulated voters in the United States, fomented racial division among voters through social media and other means, and targeted the African-American community in extraordinary fashion to suppress voter turnout.

The NAACP calls on Congress to exercise its power under the Constitution to rigorously and exhaustively investigate these harmful attacks on our democracy.

Unlike Special Counsel’s Mueller’s charge, this investigation will not be limited in scope. We implore the House and the Senate to do the job we entrusted to our elected representatives to protect the rule of law. Guarding our democracy is not partisan. It is a Congressional duty.

Congress must take all available action to ensure a vital and fully functioning democracy. The American people deserve no less.

This article originally appeared in the San Antonio Observer.

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