Find Out What It’s Like To Be A School Principal

Cole Elementary School printicpal of the day 2016
Mr. Derrel Thomas was the Principal of the Day at Cole Elementary School during the 2016 event.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a social worker? How about a teacher or maybe a negotiator? How about all three jobs at the same time?

The District invites community members and business leaders to experience the rewards and challenges of leading a public school by participating in Principal for a Day on Thursday, March 14. Since its launch more than two decades ago as a collaboration between the District and the San Bernardino Area Chamber of Commerce, the Principal for a Day program has hosted hundreds of private and public sector professionals.

Participants spend nearly half a day leading a District school alongside the actual principal. Besides a brief gathering first thing in the morning and an afternoon review, little else is scripted. A typical day for a guest principal may include greeting students, meeting teachers, and eating lunch in the cafeteria.

“As a principal, no two school days are alike,” said Hunt Elementary School Principal Kristin Kolling. “Today, I may spend half the day visiting classrooms and training teachers. Tomorrow, we could have a fire drill at the same time I’m comforting a kindergartner whose dog passed away. And then, on my way to a parent meeting, I’ll be summoned to mediate a disagreement between fourth graders. Still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

If you’re interested in serving as a Principal for a Day, please complete an application at or call the Communications Department at (909) 381-1250. Applications must be submitted by February 1.

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