Beautillion Knights Inspired to Live Life with Purpose!

Beautillion Knights photo
L/R 1st Row: Tina Darling, Jordan Dean-Reynosa, Neuman Sneed II, Dr. Reginald Woods (Senior Pastor & Former Beautillion Sir Knight), Tynan Currie, Joyce Smith (President, Social Lites, Inc.), Donna Little-James, L/R 2nd Row:  Malachi Davis (Beautillion Sir Knight 2018), Baheejah Budd, Twillea Evans-Carthen and Elsie Paulino L/R 3rd Row: Helen Jones, Lisa Davis and Marlene Davis—

On a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, Beautillion Knights spent time worshipping on January 13, 2019 at one of the former Beautillion Sir Knight’s church, Dr. Regional Woods, Senior Pastor of Life Changing Ministries (LCM).  Dr. Woods who will be honored at the upcoming Martin Luther King Prayer Breakfast at Cal State San Bernardino on Monday, January 21, 2019 along with The Social Lites, Inc. inspired all and encouraged all to say to self, “I was created for a purpose and my life matters.”  Beautillion Knights, “Live a life with purpose. Your life matters!”

The Beautillion Knights are participants in a mentorship program sponsored by The Social Lites of San Bernardino. The program will commence on March 30, 2019 at the National Orange Show.  For more information contact

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