Janet Jackson And Randy Jackson Reportedly Sued By Former Tour Manager Claiming He Is Owed $300,000

Janet Jackson
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By Jamai Harris

Janet Jackson and her brother Randy Jackson are reportedly being sued by their former tour manager who is claiming they still owe him thousands.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Danny O’ Donovan claims Janet and Randy hired him back in 2016 to be the tour manager for Janet’s “State of the World Tour.” He says the Jackson’s agreed to pay him $25,000 per month, and he worked for 17 months.

He reportedly says that he was getting paid for the first five months. However, payments reportedly stopped after that point.

O’ Donovan says he fulfilled his role as road manager for the remaining 12 months, so he’s now suing for the remaining $300,000 he is owed.

Janet Jackson nor Randy Jackson have commented on this matter.

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