Congresswoman Lee Statement on Trump Administration’s Proposed Rule to End SNAP Benefits for 750,000+ Americans

Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Lee released the following statement regarding the Trump administration’s proposed Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) rule that would end food assistance for more than 750,000 Americans:

“Let’s be clear: this Trump administration rule is a mean-spirited attempt to prevent hundreds of thousands of struggling Americans from accessing food assistance. This rule will not help anyone find work – it’s designed simply to punish unemployed or underemployed workers for falling on hard times.

“For years, Republicans have used the guise of ‘work requirements’ to make life harder for families living on the brink. That was President Trump’s aim in his proposed Farm Bill, which would have led to millions of Americans losing SNAP benefits. Since Republicans failed to enact these cruel proposals into law in the Farm Bill, President Trump is now trying to circumvent Congress through executive action to force this outcome.

“Even before this latest assault, SNAP benefits fall far short of what a family needs to survive. I know this firsthand — as a young, single mother of two boys, I relied on food assistance as a bridge over troubled waters. We should be strengthening this vital lifeline for families, not gutting it.

“This plan will only push families further into poverty, and make it that much harder to climb out. Taking food away from people won’t help them find work – it will only lead to more hunger and more desperation. I will work with my colleagues to fight this immoral proposal. In the richest nation on Earth, no one should be going to bed hungry.”

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