“Romancing the Devil!”

Lou Yeboah 2015 pg 6
Lou  Yeboah

By: Lou  Yeboah

You got to be kidding right? Tell me, it is not so…? Because don’t you know that you cannot dance with the devil without paying the devils’ price? Don’t you know that you can’t sleep in the sewer without getting dirty…? Don’t you know that you can’t compromise with evil and come away clean. Don’t you know…? You can’t hold hands with God and walk with the devil. Listen, Satan is the enemy of our soul, yet he comes to you as a romancing lover. He entices your emotions, serenades your senses, lures your lovesick heart and woos you in your weakness… he is after you. Make no mistake about it, he knows your desires and your passions and he will play on them to get what he wants… he promises everything and leaves you with nothing. He may love you and please you for a season; he ultimately will destroy you for eternity. Satan doesn’t give a cramp about you. He is not your friend and if you dance with the devil you will pay the piper. You better know that you know!

The truth about the devil is that he does not play fair. Satan is a liar! He will trick you into believing him! You gotta be on guard at all times. Satan is very sophisticated and specialized. He is the greatest under-cover agent of all times. Biblical descriptions of him include everything from an angel of light to a ravenous beast. Anyone is a welcome challenge to him, from Adam to Jesus himself. Nobody is too good or powerful for his advances. He can provoke, tempt, enter into, transform himself, and vex. He is a cunning trap-setter, and his prey is man. The bounty he collects is eternal damnation. You better know that you know!

Satan has been seducing for years and the results have always been the same. He seduced Adam and Eve and the result was the fall of mankind [Genesis 3: 1-6]. He seduced King David and the result was the death of his son and the division of his kingdom [2 Samuel 11-12]. He seduced Judas Iscariot and the result was the betrayal of Jesus and Judas committing suicide [John 13:21-30; Matthew 27:3-5]. He seduced Ananias and Sapphira and the result was that they dropped dead [Acts 5:1-11]. He tried to seduce Jesus and the result was the destruction of the Devil himself. Jesus forever proved that Satan could be defeated and that man did not have to bow down to his seduction. You can be victorious against the seduction of Satan…. Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Stop cuddling with the devil. Because, sooner or later, sin’s consequences will catch up with you. You better know that you know!

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