OP-ED: It’s on the Ballot — Health Care, Go vote

By Tony Evers, Democratic Candidate for Governor

Tony Evers, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin

Across our state, millions of Wisconsinites are dealing with the crisis of rising health care costs and inadequate coverage. It’s an issue that hurts our families, our economy, and our ability to ensure that our communities can grow and thrive. And the more I talk with folks throughout our state, the more I hear about it.

I was recently in Milwaukee speaking with local small business leaders about what challenges they face today in Wisconsin. And the number one answer they all gave me was health care. Costs are rising, not enough services are covered, and the few protections we do have are under attack from Republicans like Scott Walker.

The poor state of healthcare in Wisconsin isn’t just hurting those without coverage. It’s also undercutting opportunities for young entrepreneurs and local small businesses while also taking a toll on Wisconsin’s working families. It’s completely unacceptable.

No senior in Wisconsin should be forced to cut their medicine in two because prescription costs are too high. No mother should hold a sick child and fear of not being able to afford the cure more than the disease. No father should be told he has cancer and face a decision of treatment or keeping a roof over his children’s head.

Yet that happens every day in Wisconsin because Scott Walker has failed us on health care.

As Governor, Walker rejected more than a billion dollars of federal healthcare money and failed to enact common sense reforms. Walker proposed not once, but twice, to cut millions from Wisconsin’s popular prescription drug program, SeniorCare. The price of Walker keeping his special interest friends impressed is the health of Wisconsin families.

Scott Walker standing by while Wisconsin families desperately needed help with health care costs made me sick…so I decided to run for governor.

Like tens of thousands of Wisconsinites, I beat cancer.

That means I have a pre-existing condition.

Right now, Scott Walker is suing the federal government to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and end protections for the estimated 2.4 million Wisconsinites like me who have some form of pre-existing condition.

As Governor, I’ll fight to end that lawsuit, and make sure that we always protect coverage for pre-existing conditions.


For too long, insurance companies held all the cards and refused to insure people who most needed it.

For too long, families have had to deal with the anguish and angst of struggling to pay for prescription drugs. So, as governor, I’ll work to lower the cost of prescription drugs for Wisconsinites.

I have a real plan to heal our healthcare system:

I will take immediate action to accept $1 billion of federal health care dollars which would insure thousands more Wisconsinites who are struggling to find affordable health insurance.

I will do everything in my power to stabilize health insurance markets and bring down costs–including prescription drug prices with a re-importation plan.

I will invest in preventive health programs, especially for Wisconsin women, that have been defunded over the last seven years. Having to drive four hours round-trip for a mammogram simply isn’t acceptable.

I will extend protections for Wisconsinites with pre-existing health conditions. It is estimated that half of Wisconsinites have some kind of pre-existing health condition like cancer, diabetes, a heart condition, obesity or depression.

Meanwhile, Scott Walker supported a Republican plan that would have increased premiums, allowed insurance companies to deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, and created what AARP called an age tax, where insurance companies could charge older people five times more.

Anyone who plays games with the health of seniors and children should not be leading our state.

It’s time for a change.

That’s why I’m asking for your vote this November. If we want to fix our state’s health care system, then we need action. And that means heading to the polls to vote, whether you’re voting early or on Election Day, Nov. 6. Together, we can build a stronger Wisconsin and better health care system. But I can’t do it without your help.

I’m asking for your support this November, and let’s get Wisconsin and our health care system back on track.

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