Black Activists Condemn Anti-White Remarks by New York Times Editorial Writer

Lack of Action by the Times Shows “Leftist Privilege,”

Says Project 21 Leader

Washington, DC – Anti-white social media posts made by newly-hired New York Times editorial writer Sarah Jeong are “vulgar” and “racist,” say members of the Project 21 black leadership network, who note the inconsistency and irresponsibility of the newspaper in dealing with intolerant statements by its staff.

“Sarah Jeong’s comments are antithetical in an age when we should be moving beyond racism to embrace our greater American identity,” said Project 21 member Rich Holt, a political consultant. “This racist liberal engages in a divisive anti-white narrative that is just as damaging as black codes and segregation were in the past. As Americans, we need to erase the hyphens that divide us and embrace our unity under the red, white and blue.”

Jeong, who is of Asian descent, was recently hired as the lead technology writer on the New York Times editorial board. It was later reported that she had previously posted tweets referring to white people in terms such as “dumba–,” “bulls–t,” “groveling goblins” and “dogs” and expressing “joy… out of being cruel to old white men.” She has also posted anti-police  tweets. Despite firing technology reporter Quinn Norton earlier this year within hours of revelations of racial posts, the paper now says it “stands by” Jeong. Reporting that Jeong “regretted the tweets,” the Times also confirmed “there had been a conversation about her social media history as part of the hiring process.”

Project 21 members believe the handling of these cases shows a political bias at the New York Times that is harmful to American race relations.

“Ms. Jeong is the recipient of leftist privilege, which means that whatever she says can and will be forgiven no matter how vile or racist her actions may have been. In response to the backlash over her addition to the New York Times editorial staff, the paper shared that they had discussions with her about the appropriateness of her tweets. This is within their purview, but the double-standard is glaring,” said Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington, a nationally-syndicated talk radio host. “Roseanne Barr was blacklisted for one tweet. Even after she showed remorse and apologized profusely, there is no path of redemption for her. In the freest nation on the planet, we are witnessing jackbooted political thuggery.”

Project 21 member Stone Washington, a rising senior at Clemson University, added: “The fact that the New York Times came out in defense of Sarah Jeong’s visceral racism and animosity toward white people proves how low liberal newspapers have sunk. The radical left now deeply believes it is impossible to be racist against white people, fostering a culture that encourages insulting whiteness while criminalizing even the slightest attack against any other racial group.”

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