He’s Fine and Smart! How Kofi Siriboe Says He’s Learning To Make The Money and Not Let It Make Him

Kofi SiriboeBy CHARLI PENN

Bae is all about his money, ladies.

Queen Sugar star, and every Black woman’s man crush, Kofi Siriboe appeared on a State Farm panel at ESSENCE Fest 2018’s Empowerment experience and showed fans a different side of his hustle.

The sexy star knows that fame and success can come and go, so when he sat down with ESSENCE Lifestyle Editors Charli Penn and Charreah K. Jackson, he made it clear that he has a plan to make his wealth last…and matter.

For Siriboe, it all begins with real estate, which he’s planning to buy a lot of.

“Space is vast because you can always change it,” says Siriboe. “You can always rebuild. If this building burns down right now, the people still own the space. You can always rebuild. You still own the space. That’s where I’m trying to put my money at because I feel like it’s not going to go anywhere.”

Smart move, Kofi. He also revealed how important it is to him to stay grounded as he grows his brand.

“I’m trying to really learn where to put it, that way I don’t feel bad about getting it,” says Siriboe.

He also admitted that he doesn’t want to fall victim to some of the traps of having sudden fame and wealth.

“Some of us get it (money), and then we get bored because we don’t know what to do with it and the money ends up becoming a burden,” says Siriboe. “So it’s like, how can I let this still be the blessing it is, but not let it be primary. At the end of the day, it is just money. It’s hard to say that when you struggle because of something that’s just paper, but it’s just money. There’s so much more to life. What is money if you can’t enjoy it, and wake up and smile.”

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