Cissy Houston Disowns Son After Claims He And Whitney Were Molested

The Houston family
The late Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston and Gary Houston

The family of late music legend Whitney Houston has been rocked by the latest allegation made by Whitney’s brother Gary Houston following the release of the new “Whitney” documentary.

According to a family source, after claiming that both he and his sister were molested by their cousin, Dee Dee Warwick, matriarch Cissy Houston has exiled Gary from the clan’s fold, RadarOnline has learned exclusively.

“Cissy called him and told him ‘I’m cutting you out of my will,’ and hung up the phone,” said the source.

Gary made the shocking allegation in the new documentary in which 60 of Whitney’s closest friends and family members opened up about her life and theorized about what may have led to her downward spiral into drug addiction.

“Gary never brought up these accusations before and the family doesn’t believe him,” said the source. “They think it was used to just drum up publicity for the film.”

Cissy and Dionne Warwick expressed their “shock” about the claims in a statement, as well as the “difficulty” they have believing that Dee Dee, who is Dionne’s sister, molested anyone.

Cissy added that Whitney deserves privacy even in death.

“Although she spoke about her struggle with drugs, the interventions, her daughter Krissi and issues in her marriage, she never PUBLICLY spoke about her father’s stealing from her or revealed any claim that she had been molested,” Cissy noted in her statement. “IF she was molested I do not believe she would have wanted it to be revealed for the first time to thousands, maybe millions of people in a film.”

Do you believe Gary Houston’s claims?

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