Black Dollars Circulate in Black Communities for 6 Hours

National Eat at a

Black Coffee Shop Day

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Circulate Black Dollars

In Black Communities

The dollar circulates in:

Asian communities for 28 days

Jewish communities 20 days

White communities 17 days

National Eat at a Black

Coffee Shop Day

Dear Black-owned Coffee Shop Owner:

Please be aware that Tuesday, May 29, 2018 is The Black Star Project’s National Eat at a Black Coffee Shop Day. After the recent Starbucks incident involving the arrest of two Black men in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, most Black people had one of two responses: either boycott Starbucks or open our own coffee shops.

Well, The Black Star Project is leading a national boycott of more than 8,000 Starbucks Stores and you have already opened a Black-owned coffee shop. We expect you, Black coffee shop owners, to benefit substantially from our actions. On Tuesday, May 29th, hundreds of thousands of Starbucks customers will be looking for a new coffee experience because Starbucks is closing all its Stores for a one-day diversity training session.

Black coffee houses, coffee shops and tea houses, under the umbrella of The Black Star Project, have formed a federation to flex their collective and connective muscle in the competitive coffee marketplace. They are working together to get out the word that their coffees, teas and pastries are available on this day and just as good, or better, than Starbucks.

We ask you to:

Prepare for additional business on this day

Promote a May 29, 2018 coffee, tea or pastries special offer

Do additional advertising for this day as part of National Eat at a Black Coffee Shop Day

Host a Black Economic Empowerment Forum sometimes that evening, May 29th, for your community at your coffee shop, part of a national dialogue

Become a member company of The Black Star Project ($75.00)

This effort is part of the Campaign to “Circulate Black Dollars in Black Communities”, which is designed to raise the percentage of $1.3 trillion spent in Black communities by Black consumers last year and to re-circulate those dollars back into the Black community. So far, more than 300 Black coffee houses, coffee shops and tea houses around the U.S. are expected to participate in National Eat at a Black Coffee Shop Day.

Please fill out an application and return it with a check or money order for $75.00 to:

The Black Star Project

3509 South King Drive

Chicago, Illinois 60653

The $75.00 membership fee will help us organize and promote this event. You will also receive a “Unity of Black Dollars” T-shirt and a “Circulate Black Dollars in Black Communities” stamp.

Thank you again for your participation in National Eat at a Black Coffee Shop Day.


Phillip Jackson

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Black Star Project


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