San Gorgonio High School students generate some synergy during a daylong leadership and communication skill-building event.

Students bring Synergy to San GStudents Bring Synergy To San Gorgonio High School

Synergy is created when two or more come together to produce a result greater than the sum of their individual effects.

The District held its second Synergy Day at San Gorgonio High School on March 21.

Synergy Day teaches students how to be more compassionate, build leadership and communication skills, and have a greater sense of self. During the daylong event, students learn to create more authentic relationships so they can unite in a common goal of making their school campus a better place for everyone.

More than 65 students from different backgrounds, social groups, and grade levels came together on March 21 in the San Gorgonio gym to participate in team-building exercises and personal experiences. Students practiced active listening skills, discovered how much they have in common with students outside their usual social circles, and, mostly importantly, learned to respect themselves and others in their daily interactions with friends and strangers.

“I hope this small group of students will share what they learned, by word of mouth and by example, with their friends, and those students will share it with their friends and take flight to create a positive, long-lasing shift in our school culture for years to come,” said San Gorgonio counselor LaShawn Jackson.

Synergy Days are scheduled for all SBCUSD high schools.

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