CPUC Heads To Inland Empire For Public Meetings

SAN FRANCISCO, April 23, 2018 – The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) will hold two public meetings in the Inland Empire to engage with consumers, as follows:

WHAT:          Public Forum on Utility Poles

WHEN:          Wednesday, May 9, 2018, 5 p.m.

WHERE:        San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Building, Board Chambers, 385 N. Arrowhead Ave.,

San Bernardino, CA  92415

WHAT:          CPUC Voting Meeting

WHEN:          Thursday, May 10, 2018, 9:30 a.m.

WHERE:        Fontana City Hall Council Chambers, 8353 Sierra Ave., Fontana CA 92335


The CPUC is holding this public forum, called a Public Participation Hearing, to bring awareness to residents and solicit their input about utility pole safety issues. Poorly maintained poles and attached electric and communication wires have tragically caused substantial property damage from fires and loss of life in California. Unauthorized attachments also overload poles and put utility workers and consumers at risk. The CPUC is tasked with ensuring the safety of all poles in California and has opened an investigation to consider the creation of a pole census to better manage pole conditions (proceeding number I.17-06-027). The census would allow pole owners and companies that attach their communication and electric wires to poles to share pole information and for the CPUC to better ensure pole safety. The CPUC welcomes attendance at this forum, as public comments help the CPUC reach an informed decision.

While a quorum of Commissioners and/or their staff may attend, no official action will be taken.

For those unable to attend in person, written comments may be submitted to: CPUC Public Advisor, 505 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102, or via email to public.advisor@cpuc.ca.gov. Please refer to proceeding number I.17-06-027 on any written or email correspondence. All public comments received are provided to the CPUC’s Commissioners and the Administrative Law Judge assigned to the case.

Documents related to the proceeding are available at: https://apps.cpuc.ca.gov/apex/f?p=401:56:0::NO:RP,57,R IR:P5_PROCE EDING_SELECT:I1706027.

For more information on Public Participation Hearings, please see http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/PPH.


The CPUC typically holds Voting Meetings twice a month in San Francisco, but also schedules Voting Meetings in other cities throughout the state to reach consumers. The Voting Meeting begins with public comment, and members of the public are encouraged to attend.  The CPUC’s Commissioners then discuss and vote on proposed policies.

Those intending to make public comment can sign-up to speak in person before the meeting starts, or can sign-up online in advance at https://ia.cpuc.ca.gov/requesttocomment/.

The CPUC’s Rules for Public Comment, the Voting Meeting Agenda, a list of items that will be held over to a different meeting, presentations, remote access, and other information will be available at http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/Commission_Meeting.

If specialized accommodations are needed to attend either meeting, such as language interpreters, please contact the CPUC’s Public Advisor’s Office at public.advisor@cpuc.ca.gov or toll free at 866-849-8390 at least three business days in advance.

To receive electronic updates of CPUC proceedings, sign-up for the CPUC’s free subscription service at http://subscribecpuc.cpuc.ca.gov.

The CPUC regulates services and utilities, protects consumers, safeguards the environment, and assures Californians’ access to safe and reliable utility infrastructure and services.  For more information on the CPUC, please visit www.cpuc.ca.gov.

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