Listening To Black Californians Focus Group Research New Research Offers Black Californians The Opportunity To Receive $150 Share Your Perspectives, Opinions, And Experiences On Issues Affecting The Black Community

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In a new statewide study, EVITARUS Public Opinion Research aims to listen to the voices of California’s Black and African American residents—as a part of the firm’s ongoing Listening to Black Californians study.

Beginning in November, EVITARUS will conduct online focus groups among Black and African Americans residents to discuss their perspectives, opinions, and experiences with issues facing the Black community. The results of the research will be used to illuminate the experiences and priorities of Black Californians for policy decision makers throughout California.

Researchers plan to conduct eighteen (18) focus groups for this phase of the research. A limited

number of people will be selected to take part in a focus group, each of which will be comprised of up to six-to-eight people. Those who qualify, and participate in the focus group, will receive a $150.00 honorarium in appreciation of their time and opinions.

Community members who are interested can complete a short survey using the following link to

see if they may qualify to participate in a group:

See if you qualify to participate-take the survey*:

*Your responses to the survey will remain confidential.

What you need to participate in a focus group:

▪ Reliable access to a quiet room and a stable high-speed Internet connection that you can use to participate on Zoom.

▪ A desktop, laptop, or tablet computer with a functioning microphone, speakers, and a forward-facing video camera.

▪ Ability and willingness to share your experiences and opinions for approximately two hours (120 minutes).

*Due to research constraints, a limited number of people will be selected to participate.

EVITARUS is a Los Angeles-based public opinion research firm that delivers actionable data and

strategic advice to city, county, and state public agencies, foundations, non-profits, universities, colleges, research institutes, and other policy stakeholders. EVITARUS is the only Black-owned and led polling firm in California.

The firm’s mission is to illuminate, elevate, and amplify the voices of everyday people— especially those who may be understudied in opinion research.

The Listening to Black Californians study is part of the firm’s long-standing commitment to studying issues affecting the Black community. The research is commissioned with generous support from the California Healthcare Foundation.

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